Methadone Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if methadone is right for me?

Methadone is a prescription medication that is viewed as a safe option for treating opioid addiction. Utilized within medication assisted treatment programs, this medication has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after an extensive amount of research proved its effectiveness in treating addictions to opioids such as morphine, heroin, and prescription pain medication. When incorporated into an individual’s treatment plan, Methadone is able to stop cravings for opioids from occurring, as well as lessening the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

If you or someone you love is interested in receiving medication assisted treatment that includes the use of Methadone, speak with your physician or a knowledgeable treatment provider to decide if this might be the correct medication for you. There are numerous medication options to choose from within medication assisted treatment programs, so it is critical that you work to determine the pros and cons prior to starting a Methadone regimen.

Can I become addicted to methadone?

Since Methadone is a controlled substance, there is potential for abuse and dependency to develop. However, when taken within a medication assisted treatment program and under the watchful eye of a medical professional, these risks are diminished. In addition, medication assisted treatment programs that offer Methadone require individuals to come to the center on a daily basis to receive their medication, making it less likely for it to be abused.

Will methadone show up on a drug screening?

If an individual is taking Methadone and is asked to complete a drug screen while doing so, he or she will not test positive on a standard screen. However, there are screens that are designed to detect substances such as Methadone, but they are not nearly as common.

How long will I need to be on methadone?

The length of time that you will remain on Methadone will be dependent on your treatment needs. While some individuals remain on Methadone for a longer period of time, others only take it short-term.

If you or someone you love is looking into a medication assisted treatment program that includes methadone, speak to your physician about how long you might need to take it for.

Does methadone interact with other drugs or medications?

If an individual is taking medications for physical or psychological purposes, it is crucial that he or she tells his or her physician about these medications prior to starting on Methadone. Methadone can cause reactions, which is why it is important for individuals to speak openly about everything they are taking to ensure the safety and effectiveness of Methadone and his or her additional medications. While taking Methadone, it is not recommended that a person consume alcohol.

What if I no longer wish to take methadone? Can I stop or switch to a different medication?

Some people will use Methadone for a short period of time, while others will use it as part of a long-term treatment plan. When Methadone is stopped suddenly, an individual can develop withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, if you no longer wish to be on Methadone, your physician can help you properly taper off of it. At that time, you can decide if you want to remain medication-free, or switch to a different medication.

What is the cost for methadone treatment?

The treatment provided at Sacramento Comprehensive Treatment Center is highly personalized to meet the many different needs of our patients. Therefore, the cost of care can vary. The medication that is being utilized, the services that are being provided, and the method of payment can all impact the cost of care.

If you or a loved one desires to learn more about the cost of care at Sacramento Comprehensive Treatment Center, contact one of our kind and experienced intake specialists today.